• Episode #29 – Rock the Vote!

    Only a few more weeks until we stop hearing political ads on TV, radio, and every YouTube video we watch. But listen, we get it. Voting is important. However, not every vote in pop culture carries the same weight. In this episode of the show we look at instances of voting in everything from music to comics to cereal and more! Cast your ballots for the best nostalgia show in the world…this is Wayback Attack!

  • In-Between #5 – Animation, Conventions, and Magazines…Oh My!

    In this in-between episode, listen as the boys discuss the new Animation Legends company that sells bulk cels from retro cartoon shows. Preston answers a listener question about convention organizing, updates everyone on some recent pickups, and reveals a new project—Retrofied magazine!

  • Episode #28 – Back to School

    Going back to school. The annual milestone for kids and parents across America is upon us. Things may look a little different now, but there are plenty of touchstones we call all look back on fondly and even a few unique memories long forgotten in a dusty locker. From school supplies, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, and Back to School starring Rodney Dangerfield to a post-apocalyptic library teaching tool, there’s enough nostalgia to stuff your backpack full!

  • Episode #27 – Turtle Power

    Hard to believe that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been a constant source of entertainment for nearly 40 years (36 to be exact)! Whether you discovered them for the first time in comics, cartoons, movies, toys, or pudding pies, they’ve certainly left their mark on impressionable youth. In this episode we discuss our nostalgic roots and fanboy out about their rumored, and still-to-come projects.

  • Episode #26 – Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

    Summer’s almost over, but the baseball season is just beginning, and we’ve got plenty of nostalgia to keep us going no matter how long the season lasts. From toys and video games to cartoons and movies, we talk about several baseball highlights in popular culture, some of which is due to return soon, and all that are home runs!

  • Episode #25 – ‘Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue’

    The older you get, the more milestones you celebrate. However, only nostalgia geeks like us will appreciate some of the more obscure entries in the annals of history such as the 30th anniversary of Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue. The joint production which aired on every major network (and then some) in 1990 featured a variety of popular cartoon characters all preaching the dangers of drugs. Listen or watch along with us!

  • Episode #24 – Summertime Series: Hit the Beach!

    We’re building a sandcastle of memories on this episode of Wayback Attack! Join us as we hit nostalgia-filled waves and talk about some of our favorite “beach” shows. From Weekend at Bernies to The Lost Boys to Surf Ninjas and more, the retro goodness is so intense you’ll need to wear plenty of sunscreen!

  • Episode #23 – Summertime Series: ‘Rad’

    Are you ready to race HELLTRACK or go ass-sliding? In this episode Preston and Bryan talk about the new Vinegar Syndrome and Utopia Distribution release of the greatest BMX movie of all time, 'Rad.' Hop on your bike, and get ready to "break the ice!"

  • Episode #22 – Summertime Series: Toys of Summer

    Just because you spent most of your time outside during summer didn’t mean leaving your toys behind. We hope you enjoy another episode in our Summertime Funtime series all about summer toys including Crocodile Mile, G.I. Joe Sky Patrol, TYCO Fast Traxx, Super Soaker, and more!

  • Episode #21 – Summertime Series: Wayback Goes to Camp

    It's summertime, so the boys get sent off to camp. Come and relive their stories of their time in the woods and their time in front of the screen. This is the start of Wayback Attack's Summertime Funtime Series and you won't want to be left behind.

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