• Episode #20 – Top 10 Arcade Games of All Time

    Until the pandemic hit, arcades were experiencing a sort of rebirth. With new arcade bars, family entertainment centers, and retro arcades all shuttered, sometimes it takes having everything taken away before you truly appreciate what you’re missing. In this episode (our first to be live-streamed on Twitch!), we look at the top 10-selling arcade games of all time. Insert coin…this is Wayback Attack!

  • Episode #19 – 1990 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

    What do you get when you’re a VHS tape collector who has been stuck at home for weeks on end? If you’re me, you start digging through those piles and piles of tapes to find some gems to share! In this episode of the show we watch the 1990 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards off of a recorded-from-TV video tape and bask in the glow of all the retro goodness. Prepared to get slimed…this is Wayback Attack!

  • Episode #18 – Every Day is a Fandom Day

    If you’re like us, then it’s been hard to keep track of time and the days seem to run together. When you hardly leave the house and your schedule is all mixed up it can be hard to even remember what day it is. Thankfully we have a calendar, social media, and the love of pop culture nostalgia to help us out.

  • Episode #17 – Let’s Go to the Mall!

    In many parts of the country businesses are getting set to reopen, and for some people, hitting up the mall will be their first stop. And why not? Where else can you meet up with your friends, grab a bite to eat, pick up a record, get dragged by your mom to shop for clothes, and where $5 in quarters lasted hours in the arcade?

  • Episode #16 – The Other Info Wars

    Infomercials are a $200 Billion business. In this episode we talk about the history of "As Seen on TV" and "Infomercials". BUT WAIT! There's more! We also take a look at what flopped and what we were sold on. Don't delay! Act now and listen!

  • In-Between #4 – Obscure Comics, Chuck E. Cheese, & Our Birthdays

    Birthdays are a special time, even in isolation. With Bryan’s birthday on the horizon we go back in time to remember our own nostalgic celebrations at Chuck E. Cheese’s and every present he received at his 6th birthday party! In this “in-between” episode, we also dive into the mail bag, discuss the wonders of the Flowbee, and guess whether some of the most obscure comic titles are real or fake!

  • Episode #15 – The Real Tiger King

    While the rest of society seems to be busy discussing the hot new Netflix documentary, Tiger King, we dive deep into pop culture past to see if we can find the real king of the jungle. In this episode of the podcast, learn more than you wanted to know about Tony the Tiger, G.I. Joe’s elite Tiger Force, and the existential quandary brought about by a seemingly innocuous comic strip tiger named Hobbes.

  • Episode #14 – The Joys and Challenges of Isolation

    Cooped up inside? Going stir crazy? You’re not alone. Fortunately we have a lot of entertainment at our fingertips to try and keep us sane. In fact some of our favorite pieces of nostalgia are about isolation itself, which comes in handy…especially if one of the hosts of the podcast had COVID-19 (no, really!). Listen to us talk about isolation and add our voices to the ones already inside your head.

  • Episode #13 – Viruses We Love

    We get it. Hysteria is everywhere and the last thing you want to do is hear more talk about a virus! Well, what if we talked about viruses we actually like? In this episode we chat about Pac-Man Fever, Cyrus the Virus, and discover a long-forgotten toy line about germs. All this plus Bryan discovers Slim Goodbody for the first time in this episode of Wayback Attack. Listen and enjoy, but be sure to wash your hands!

  • Episode #12 – The Power of Invisibility!

    Invisibility is back in the spotlight, thanks to the new movie The Invisible Man. In this episode, we share our thoughts on the new movie, take a look back at some earlier instances of invisibility, and take a deeper dive into the oft-forgotten John Carpenter movie Memoirs of an Invisible Man. Come be an (invisible) fly on the wall for another great episode!

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