• Episode #37 – Get Your Ass to Mars

    Preston and Bryan are excited about NASA's latest mission. So much so that they want to share their favorite Mars experiences with you. We figure, if NASA can take a shot at Mars and stick the landing, so can we! Hop aboard and take a pop culture ride to that red speck in the sky.

  • Episode #36 – Nick at Nite

    When you're as old as we are, you remember a time before HD, before 1080P, heck...a time before every television was in color. Even though many of the shows we grew up with debuted when our parents were kids themselves, due to reruns and syndication, they're some of our favorites as well. In this episode of the show, the new Marvel series WandaVision gives us a chance to get monochromatic with our memories of classic television.

  • Episode #35 – The Year of the Reboot

    A new year means a fresh start for many people, but the entertainment industry also enjoys a do-over. In this episode of the show Preston and Bryan take a look at their most-anticipated animated reboots scheduled for a 2021 release.

  • Episode #33 – Retro Christmas Commercial Jingle Brawl

    The Christmas season arrives for each person at a different time. For some, it’s immediately after decorating a tree right after Thanksgiving. For others it’s hearing Christmas music on the radio for the first time. For us, however, it’s seeing our favorite Christmas commercials on TV. In this episode Preston and Bryan let the best holiday commercials battle it out for all the presents. Which one will go home with the trophy?

  • Episode #32 – Flashback Feast

    It’s that time of year when we all look forward to a fancy feast at Thanksgiving. As kids, we’re forced to eat whatever’s on our plate, but as nostalgic adults, we can devour whatever we want. In this episode of the show we’ll take a look at a variety of junk food, from nostalgic favorites to new takes on longtime classics, and even the final taste of a soon-to-be retired mainstay. Enjoy this fun taste-test edition of Wayback Attack!

  • Episode #30 – Halloween is Special

    Holy smokes, Batman! It’s been one year since the launch of the Wayback Attack podcast! In this anniversary episode of the show, we mourn the loss of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown from network television for the first time in 54 years before we dive into other hidden Halloween gems that can fill the void. From Roseanne and Tiny Toon Adventures to The Last Halloween and Power Rangers, we fill your candy bucket with nostalgic treats.

  • Episode #29 – Rock the Vote!

    Only a few more weeks until we stop hearing political ads on TV, radio, and every YouTube video we watch. But listen, we get it. Voting is important. However, not every vote in pop culture carries the same weight. In this episode of the show we look at instances of voting in everything from music to comics to cereal and more! Cast your ballots for the best nostalgia show in the world…this is Wayback Attack!

  • In-Between #5 – Animation, Conventions, and Magazines…Oh My!

    In this in-between episode, listen as the boys discuss the new Animation Legends company that sells bulk cels from retro cartoon shows. Preston answers a listener question about convention organizing, updates everyone on some recent pickups, and reveals a new project—Retrofied magazine!

  • Episode #28 – Back to School

    Going back to school. The annual milestone for kids and parents across America is upon us. Things may look a little different now, but there are plenty of touchstones we call all look back on fondly and even a few unique memories long forgotten in a dusty locker. From school supplies, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, and Back to School starring Rodney Dangerfield to a post-apocalyptic library teaching tool, there’s enough nostalgia to stuff your backpack full!

  • Field Trip! Preston’s Retro Antique Booth

    Can't get out of the house to check out flea markets, swap meets? Have your favorite toy conventions been cancelled? Live vicariously through us as Preston shows off all the cool '80s and '90s nostalgia contained within his booth in an antique mall!

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